Sports Performance Class Schedule

Training Levels 

Level 1 (Ages 9-13)

In our rookie program we build a strong base in speed, agility, footwork, and hand-eye coordination through fun cognitive drills, and movement patterns. Progressing their body control, strength, conditioning, and flexibility to help in sport of  their movements and stamina.

Level 2 (Ages 12+)

At level 2 ,we educate and integrate our athletes into a program that uses progressive strength & conditioning techniques, and specific movement patterns. During this age  group, we are looking to increase strength, speed, and size while gaining flexibility, enforce proper sport specific skills, and most importantly decrease their injury risk! With a combination of dietary recommendation, proper energy system activation, intensive drills for change of direction and speed mechanics, and advanced training methods customized to increase the level of play in sport specific movements our level 2 program will give you the edge you need to earn that starting spots, or get collegiate attention!

Level 3 (15+ advanced placement)

Whether you need help understanding your collegiate lifting program or you are ready to take your training intensity up, Nex level Sports will have you challenging for a starting position day 1. Advanced testing methods and specialized program design including diet, sport specific skill, explosive power training, specialized strength and conditioning, proper flexibility, and proper mechanics to increase speed is created and modified for specific demands!