Thinking about participating in a spartan race or currently registered for a race this fall? Spartan SGX will be hosting free race evaluations here at Nex level Arena in Flemington! Prep for your race with feedback on dietary needs, fitness level, and preventable injury risk!

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About Spartan SGX

Obstacle Course Racing has enjoyed a rapid increase in popularity over the past three years. This year, Spartan Race will have hosted over 70 races and had over 1 million participants globally. There is a need to disseminate knowledge on how to properly prepare individuals for these races to minimize injuries and maximize enjoyment. Spartan SGX is an evidence-based group training program. Although the primary goal is to prepare people for obstacle races, it is much more than that. The program is equally about health and wellness as it is about exercise. The program is intended to motivate you to explore new territory both physically and mentally. Our SGX certified coaches carefully plan, and program your progressive exercise regime up to race day. Our program will teach you how to properly plan nutrition, maximize training efficiency, prepare mentally, and properly approach obstacles.

sgx Training Programs:

  • All programs are 6-12 weeks of structured training that lead up to local spartan race that you will have the option to enter on the team discounted price.

  • 2 group training sessions per week will be included in the program. These sessions will focus on improving athleticism, mobility, strength, endurance, and power.

  • This class will teach you how to properly prepare mentally for the race, and provide proper nutritional guidance from the start of the program through race day!

  • You will learn how to live the spartan lifestyle physically and mentally!


Spartan Beginner Programs

It’s time to get off the couch and get moving! This program will emphasizing foundational bodyweight movements and periodized training, SGX functional workouts are varied and novel and build balanced, multi-faceted athletes who excel in all-over strength, athleticism and endurance. SGX classes can benefit everyone, even when they are not training for a Spartan Race. Do not consider it a race; it will be an accomplishment to finish!

Fall 8 Week Program: September 9th- NOvember 3rd

Fall 6 Week Program: September 22nd- November 3rd

Spartan Advanced Program

Calling all experienced racers… It’s time to take your race performance to the Nex Level! This program will build on a foundational bodyweight movements to progressive power movements and provide a structured periodized training. SGX functional workouts are varied and novel and build balanced, multi-faceted athletes who excel in all-over strength, athleticism and endurance. This advanced course will cover proper nutrition program, short and long distance running paces, obstacle efficiency, and mentally prepare as a TRUE SPARTAN!

Fall 12 Week program: September 3rd-November 21st

Fall 8 Week Program: September 9th-November 3rd

Contact our coordinator

Hunter Murphy:

Phone: (908) 824-7242