Speed & Agility 

The Nex Level Sports Speed & Agility Training Program was developed for motivated athletes seeking to maximize their athletic abilities in the areas of sprinting (linear & lateral speed), dynamic body control (stopping, shifting, and cutting) as well as ground- based explosiveness (reaction time/ quickness).

We are championing a new wave of adaptive, cognitive athletic training which has been proven to produce results for athletes in all major sports and of all skill levels. In order to enroll into the program each athlete MUST FIRST have their speed tested by Charles Ray, Speed & Agility Director.

Strength & Conditioning

We educate athletes and prepare them to use progressive strength & conditioning techniques, and specific movement patterns. Our strength and conditioning programs will help athletes to increase strength, speed, and size while gaining flexibility, enforce proper sport specific skills, and most importantly decrease their injury risk! We build our programs to fit the athletes age, growth stage, and physical ability. 

Class Schedule