What Is the New You 6 Week Challenge?

The New You Challenge is for anyone with or without experience.  Together, you will attend 3 classes per week. You will work as a team with a certified trainer to learn the basics necessary to walk in to any gym with confidence.  Each one hour class will lead you through a warm-up, skill practice, and a conditioning session. Each session will be progressive and meet the needs of any ability level.  You can expect to learn something new and get an awesome workout every time you walk in our doors.

On day one we will educate our clients about a whole foods diet. Throughout the challenge we will provide the nutritional education necessary to be successful for 6 weeks and beyond.  Our goal is to teach you how to fuel for performance and enjoy life regardless of budget or food restrictions. You will also have full access to coaches for any nutrition questions you may have.


Who Are We Looking For? 

The New You Challenge is for those committed to attend classes regularly (3 times a week), dialing in their nutrition, and working hard.  If you need help to achieve your goals and are looking for a program that will deliver meaningful results, this program is for you. 

NO prior experience is required to participate.

  • Must be available for 3 days of classes per week for 6 weeks

  • Must be committed to the whole 6 weeks of our nutrition plan

  • Must enjoy a group fitness environment

  • Must be willing to do before and after gait analysis

  • Must be willing to do before and after measurements 

  • Must be committed to making a change


What Should You Expect?

  • We will provide a pre-consultation for each individual before the first week of the challenge to do before measurements and a gait analysis

  • A Fitness Nutrition Specialist will provide nutrition guidance to ensure goal success.

  • Classes will include warm-up, movement instruction, fun workout using practiced movements, and a guided cool-down.

  • Community support including:

    • Access to the New You Challenge Private FB group

    • Post Challenge transition

  • 6 week Finale to celebrate!


What Are the Details?

The Challenge runs from January 14th - February 23rd.

The price of the 6 week program is $200.  It will include 18 weekday classes + 6 weekend bonus classes over 6 weeks.  

Pre Consultation (Week of January 8th):

  • You will need to schedule a 30 minute pre-consultation during the week of January 8th to complete the following:

    • Goal setting and tracking

    • Nutrition information

    • Gait analysis

    • Before/benchmark measurements

Class Times:

6am-7am Tuesday and Thursday, 9am-10am Saturday

7pm-8pm Monday and Wednesday, 6pm-7pm Friday

(Challengers may attend Saturday classes and may switch between AM and PM sessions)

To register for the challenge and schedule your pre-consultation simply complete the form below or call us at 908-824-7242.

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Clover CrossFit Staff


Clover CrossFit founder. Eileen has a Masters in Kinesiology from A.T. Still University. She has been CrossFitting since 2011, and has trained clients under the mentorship of noted exercise therapist Gerald Erickson of Optimum Health and Exercise Therapy. During her time with Erickson, Eileen has trained clients from across the spectrum, including elite athletes, collegiate athletes, stay-at-home parents, busy executives, paraplegics, senior citizens, and cancer survivors.

Her certifications include CrossFit Level-1 Trainer certificate, USA Weightlifting Level 1, NCSF (2010), NYSC pre- and post-partum certification (2010), and TRX. She has expert knowledge in Active Release Techniques, Self Myofascial Release, Grey Cooks Functional Movement Screen, dynamic warm-up/metabolic ramping, program periodization, and kettlebells. She has been instructed by Todd Durkin in intensity intervals, Michael Boyle in program design, and Lee Burton in corrective exercise.


Nicole holds a CrossFit Level-1 Trainer certificate, USA Weightlifting Level 1, as well as ACE Personal Training. She is CPR/AED certified though the American Heart Association.

Nicole has an athletic background which consisted of playing a variety of sports since she was 5 years old. Her main dedication was ice hockey, and later rugby in college. She completed an internship with Under Armor Performance Center, and graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science.