Public Service/ Community Appreciation Affiliates

Qualifiers: Law Enforcement, Public Education Faculty, Active/Non-active Military, Employees/ Volunteers of Emergency Services, Hospital/EMS/Health Care Professionals, Government/ City Employees

In order to receive:

  • Qualifier must show proper proof of employment (Badges, ID’s, etc.)

  • All qualifiers must be actively working in their stated profession with the exception of military (can be inactive as well)

  • Once appropriate documentation is established, the qualifier is now eligible to receive our Affiliate Package

Local Business Affiliate options


  • Any business that is in good and current standing with all business practices in the state of New Jersey

  • In order to receive affiliate recognition, the qualifying business must present:

    • Current Business License or Registration

    • Any business Insurance or liability coverage

  • Once appropriate documentation is obtained, the qualifying business is now eligible to receive the Local Business Affiliate Package.

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